Tuesday, July 12, 2016

where were we

It is common when we are in the 30's, we would glimpse back at what we been doing all this while. With 30 cuts to half, gets 15, it brings us back to our teen days. And when I say teen days, obviously it's the 1990's.

That decade is so complicated, and yet so simple. It is a time where we are taking the leap of faith by embracing the future, but the past still hanging around with us. The transition, which is the most obvious example, take us from using telephone as voice communication tool, to a tool that we can get anything from the world wide web.

Do i miss the 1990's? I do miss its simplicity. I miss the feeling that however the big world is, we can still feel small and appreciate everything around us. Nowadays, everything went so fast and everyone thinks that they know everything.

I miss the playground. Not only I like to be there when I was a kid, I also like to hang around there during my 'young adult' time. A lot of talks happen when i'm at the playground and a lot of smoke also. But time will never be enough because the sunset will catches you.

Sometimes, I do wonder what the future would be if I am much more wiser or cooler or steadfast when I'm young. However, growing up also mean learning from mistakes. And I have done a lot of mistake. Do I feel regret, sometimes, but life goes, and the chapter still continues.

I don't have answer for every question. It does bugs me but do we need all the answers right away. Can't we just venture life and enjoy every new thing, bit by bit. Going back to memory lane is like looking back from where you have come from. The past won't change, but the future, you'll never know what any surprise will bring.


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